Friday, May 1, 2009

Helpful Tips For Bathing Your Pet

One of the first things to consider when bathing your pet is to make sure that you are choose a safe environment. If you are bathing your pet outside, make sure you are in an area where they feel secure, and that if they pull away from your grasp they will not be able to run out into traffic and get hurt. If you are putting your dog or cat in a booster bath tub or sink while you bathe them make sure that they are not going to slip. Placing a rubber mat in the tub or sink while bathing your pet will give them a sense of security, rubber door mats work really well for this purpose and are rather inexpensive.

Shampoos that are specially formulated for bathing your pets species are best because they will not strip your pets coat of the oils that they need for healthy skin. If you have to use a human shampoo use one that is meant for infant children because they are milder and easier on their sensitive skin. Using perfumed shampoos can dry out your pets sensitive skin causing them to rub and scratch which can lead to hot spots that you would have to treat.

Brush you pets coat before you begin bathing your him. This is a good way to help relax your pet and will get rid it of all dead and loose hair. This will also keep you from clogging up your plumbing system with the loose hair.

Use luke warm water to bathe your pet. Hot water can burn your pets sensitive skin and cold water can chill your pet making the bathing experience miserable. Do not fill the tub full of water to much water increases the amount of water that gets splashed on the floor and on you and will make your pet nervous. Use a minimal amount of water when bathing your house pet.

While bathing your pet using a hose or sprayer to spray water over your pets body be very careful not to spray water into you pets ears, noses and mouths. By getting water in the ears, nose, or mouth will not give your pet enjoyable memory of the bathing experience.

The proper way to bath your pet is to start rubbing the shampoo into your pets coat just behind your pets ears and work your way towards the pets tail. to rub the shampoo into the pets coat using a circular motion . Make sure that you get all the soap out of your pets hair when you rinse their coat so there is no soap left to irate their skin and cause them to rub and scratch. You could find yourself treating your pet for hot spots if the soap irritates your pets skin enough.

Take some time to play with and cuddle with your pet after bath time is finished. This will ensure to them that you still love them.

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