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Some of them have passed through the crossing, and finally turned into a new breed that no longer meet the current needs and requirements.
Others were destroyed by predators (including humans) or simply ignoring their needs on the part of those who are engaged in their cultivation and maintenance of their existence. No matter how it happened, the extinction of entire species of dogs occurs constantly. Here dogs 11, which no longer exists on this earth.
Who's the nicest dog? Absolutely everything.

1. Kuri

Breed Khoury (pictured above) was imported into New Zealand in about the 14th century, most likely from eastern Polynesia.Often tell that these dogs were favorite companions Maori women, but not all of them liked. "They were insidious and often bite us," - writes Frenchman Julien Marie Crozet, who traveled to New Zealand in 1771 with the next expedition.
Kuri is often described as ugly and stubborn dog with a bad smell. As a result, this breed is completely extinct. Rest in peace, Kuri, your short legs and snapping jaws were too good for this world.

2. Talbot

This snow white hunting dog was so well known in the Middle Ages, its image can be found on many family coat of arms.Some historians believe that William the Conqueror brought the breed in England in 1066.
Hunting dogs were pretty clumsy, but has a great scent and is often used in combat or as assistants peace officers. Talbot died out around the 16th century, but left behind a large number of descendants in the form of great-great - great-great -.... Grandchildren - beagle dogs.

3. Molossoid breeds

11Molossian_Hound, _British_Museum
Molossian - large breed dogs, a favorite among the Romans and Greeks. They were the forerunners of the Mastiff, Saint Bernard, Great Dane, and others. It is assumed that they were used for hunting, as herding dogs for dog fights (but not both, of course). Molossian also have "intelligent" story. It turns out that Aristotle loved these dogs, but because they wrote in his "History of Animals":
"Talking about the dogs of the breed Molossians, especially regarding their use in the chase, it is worth noting that they are not much different from other dogs here. However, this breed Shepherds excel in size and boldness with which they rush to the attack of wild animals. "

4. Cordoba fighting dog

Breed combining a ruthless and powerful mastiff, bull terrier and a bulldog, was used for dog fighting in Argentina. It turns out that Cordoba fighting dog was bred too "perfect" when it's time to mate, the males and females were too busy that tried to break each other apart. Focus on creating offspring, they were too busy. In the end, the breed became extinct.

5. Hawaiian Poi Dog

Hawaiian_dog, _19th_century
As Kuri, Hawaiian Poi Dog supposedly has a Polynesian origins. Poi dogs fed soft vegetarian foods, because of what their "head was large and flat, because of the lack of chewing they were poorly developed bones."
This way of eating has also contributed their rampant obesity. The breed began to disappear in the 18th century after mating with other dogs that were brought to Hawaii.

6. Paisley Terrier

Bred to be a bit of a Skye Terrier dog exhibition, Paisley Terrier breed became extinct when it ended the demand from the organizers of the exhibition. But nobody said that in showbiz easily resist.

7. Marriage Dupuis

This purely a French hunting dog was first bred in the 19th century and, despite the fact that today you can find many similar at her dogs, Marriage Dupuis in its original form no longer exists.

8. Dog St. John's (diver)

These dog-friendly minded dupes roamed the Newfoundland and often exported directly to the breeders who have used them to create a variety of different retrievers (eg, a golden retriever and Labrador).
Original breed these dogs began to slowly die out in the 20th century, until only two dogs. Unfortunately, they both seemed a male, so that was the end of a water dog St. Johns.

9. Bullenbeisser

This aggressive German bulldog, ultimately, was used to create the famous boxer today.

10. Coton de Reunion

Legend has it that these adorable fluffy dog ​​survived a shipwreck in the Indian Ocean, fought off the shark and swam to the shore of Madagascar. And then by pairing with lots of street dogs created dozhivshuyu to date breed Coton de Tulear (they tried to cool, I must say, got such a beautiful dog!).
But more likely is that they were brought to the island nation of sailors, who held them as their little companions.
Whatever it was, the shark should be careful if they are ever faced with one of the dogs depicted above. So, just in case.

11. Russian Hound

These large (weighing about 100 kg) dogs were bred in Russia and used by farmers from the Caucasus Mountains to guard livestock.
In 1800 Sir Dudley Mardzhoribenks watching circus performances involving Russian hounds (which occurs in Brighton, England), and they liked him so much that he bought the whole pack of dogs entirely. From them, he eventually created a golden retriever, while simple Russian hounds quietly disappeared.

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