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"Titanic" was the largest and most luxurious ship in the history of shipbuilding ... 2200 people have booked tickets for his first voyage across the Atlantic.
Titanic 1912
Many of them brought with them their dogs.
Your pet, Russian greyhound named Ben, took this voyage and the ship's captain, Edward J. Smith, a great lover and connoisseur of thoroughbred animals.
Captain Smith with Russian greyhound named Ben
Day dispatch "Titanic" from Southampton, 10 April 1912
Among the many works of art on the "Titanic", in this floating palace, a statue of Artemis, the goddess of ancient Greece, the patron of nature and animals. It is decorated with a fireplace in the front hall of the deck first class - dogs "Titanic" sailed in the company of their own goddess, his "guardian angel." (In fairness it should clarify that the liners such as "Olympic", to which he belonged, and "Titanic", the fourth tube was false: it's the rooms are for pets transported wealthy passengers.)
Dogs on the deck of the Titanic, 1912
From the moment when the doomed ship April 12, 1914 sent to its first and last voyage from the English port of Southampton, dogs become very prominent characters of this journey, because they, as well as their successful owners have impressive pedigrees.
French Bulldog Gamini de Pikomb and its owner Robert Daniel Williams
There were multiple champions, for example, French bulldog Gamini de Pikomb (Gamin de Pycombe), which was insured by its owner an astronomical sum in those days, 750 pounds, and Airedale Kitty, whose owner was a millionaire, writer and inventor John Jacob Astor the richest passenger of "Titanic".
Ship records note that almost all dog cages occupied by luxury brand new apartment, and only by special permission of the bride Helen Bishor was allowed to keep his favorite Frou-Frou in its own first-class cabin.
Writes in his memoirs, one of the passengers, the French painter, "the evening promenade deck of the ship resembles the famous luxury promenades on 5th Avenue or Rodeo Drive -nadmennye American with small dogs on their hands, accompanied by obedient men, resembling sheep hand ..."
Every day, specially selected for this purpose crew breed dogs for a walk around the ship (this point was recorded in the movie James Cameron). This "dog parade of champions" was so impressive life event "Titanic" that 7-year-old Eva Hart, Holocaust survivors, came under the spell of French Bulldog Gamina de Pikomba, spent the rest of his life surrounded by sobak this breed.
Moreover, at the request of passengers on Monday, April 15, was even scheduled a special dog show, this informal dog show, which, alas, as we all know, was not to be. Late in the evening April 14, 1914, on Sunday, the "Titanic" hit an iceberg.
More than 1,500 of its passengers lost their lives. Were killed and all their dogs, except only two Pomeranian and Pekingese San Em Sen, who was lucky to be with their owners, Margaret Hayes and Henry Harper, at one of the lifeboats. Apparently, somehow the owners carried their pets unnoticed crew members. The bride is Helen Bishop left her precious Frou-Frou in the cabin, as it was announced that the seats in the lifeboat is not enough even for the people. Helen wrote later that when she left the cabin, educated and always calm Frou-Frou so desperately clung to the hem of her dress hostess that even broke it.This moment will forever remain the most horrible moment of her life ...
A little later, at the time when the ship has almost disappeared under the water, one of the passengers, Mr. Norris, clinging to a piece of wood, see beside him floundering in the icy waters of the French Bulldog. Later, on board to pick up his "Carpathia", in a conversation with another saved Norris suggests that most likely it was a hallucination. However, is explained that when all the lifeboats left the sinking ship, one of the passengers descended to the deck, where the cells were placed with the dogs, and released them all ...
In 1986, in the wreckage of "Titanic", lying on the seabed, was found a statue of the goddess Artemis, the patron saint of animals. Since April 14, 1912, "the goddess gave their beloved wards dogs" Titanic "in the hands of Poseidon, god of the sea."

Dogs "Titanic" (according to surviving ship lists)

1. French Bulldog Gamini de Pikomb, owner Robert Daniel Williams, traveling alone, a banker. 27. Point of departure - Southampton destination - Philadelphia. The dog was drowned, the owner was picked up a lifeboat.
2. Pekingese San Em Sen, owner Henry Sleeper Harper, media mogul, 48 years old, traveling with his wife, Myra, a servant and companion, cabin B-33. Point of departure - Cherbourg, destination - New York. All were rescued in lifeboat number 3.
SUN YAT SEN dog escaped from the "Titanic"
3. Frou-Frou, small dog of unknown breed, the owner of the bride Helen Bishop, 19 years old, traveling with her husband Bishop Dickinson, cabin B-49. Point of departure - Cherbourg, destination - Michigan. Owners saved the lifeboat No. 7, the dog drowned, remaining locked in a cabin.
4. Chow (nickname is unknown), the owner Henry Anderson, broker, 47 years old, traveling alone, cabin E-12. Point of departure - Southampton destination - New York. The owner was rescued on lifeboat number 3, the dog drowned.
Chow sulfur Harry Anderson
5. Two small dogs, nicknames unknown breed one listed - King Charles Spaniel. Owner William Ernest Harper, 36 years old, traveling with his wife Lucille, 36 years old, daughter, Lucille, too, 14 years old, the son of William the 2nd, 11 years old, a servant and maid. Point of departure - Southampton destination - Philadelphia. Cabin B-96 and B-98. The whole family was saved on the boat number 4. Dogs and servants were drowned.
6. Pomeranian, the nickname is unknown. The owner of Margaret Hayes, 24 years old, traveling alone. Point of departure - Cherbourg, destination - New York. Cabin C-54. Both the hostess and the dog, were rescued by boat on the number 7.
Pomeranian Lady Margaret Hayes
7. Airedale Kitty and another one nickname is unknown. Owner Colonel John Jacob Astor, 47, a millionaire who travels with his pregnant wife Madeleine 19 years, and a servant maid. Cabin C-62, point of departure - Cherbourg, destination - New York.Of all saved only his wife and maid, boat number 4. Astor was killed by falling pipe ship when "Titanic" went under the water.
8. small breeds (in the list appears simply as "dog" or likely Spitz Fox Terrier). Owner William Dulles, lawyer, traveling in the cabin A-18 single, 39 years old. Point of departure - Cherbourg, destination - Philadelphia. The dog and the owner drowned with the ship.
9. Great Dane (nickname is unknown, could also be Newfoundland or St. Bernard other evidence). The owner of Ann Isham, 50 years old, the cabin C-49. Point of departure - Cherbourg, destination - New York and Paris. Refused to follow in a lifeboat without his dog. Later, the passengers come to the aid of the German vessel "Bremen" mentioned that they had seen in the water body of a woman, puts her arms neck dead dog large breed.
10. Pomeranian. The owner of Elizabeth Barrett Rothschild, 54 years old, traveling with her husband, "leather" magnate. Point of departure - Cherbourg, destination - New York. The hostess with the dog on the boat were rescued by the number 6. My husband, Martin Rothschild, sank with the ship.
11. Irish Setter named White Star (White Star). Owner Bruce Ismay, cabin B-47, the president of the shipping company "White Star", which belonged to the "Titanic." According to unconfirmed reports, a dog rescued from the water boat number 4.
12. Russian Borzoi named Ben, dog captain Edward Smith, remaining on board. His fate is unknown pet, the host's body has never been found or identified.

Captain Smith with his greyhound Ben on the deck of "Titanic" .Snimok made a week before his departure
Pomeranian Lady Margaret Hayes

Legends of the dogs "Titanic"

The same steward, who told reporters about Pomeranz Mrs. Rothschild, also said: "Survivor informed me that the ship was a lady who had a great big dog such as a Dane. When the boat is filling up quickly, she appeared on the deck with his companion and sadly begged that he should also take with it. It was impossible. Lives, the lives of children and women, were pervoznachnymi. She refused to leave him, and as I understand it, sacrificed her life to stay with him. "Two days after the disaster in German passenger ship" Bremen "saw the big dog was floating in the water in the arms of women's hands. In his book "White Star" Marty Crisp suggests that this was Ann Elizabeth Isham, 50-year-old single woman who lived in Paris and returned to the US to spend the summer with his brother. Anne Isham was the only one out of four women - first class passengers who died on board the "Titanic". Perhaps this was the reason for which she refused to leave his dog, but it has not been proven. Her body was never found.
Rigel: dog-hero with "Titanic
April 21, 1912, "New York Herald" described how one of the heroes of "Titanic" became Rigel - Newfoundland black dog belonging to the first officer, drowned with the ship. Said that for three hours Rigel desperately swam in the icy water, apparently looking for his owner, and helped the survivors, directing them to the lifeboat. Said that Jonas Briggs, a sailor on board a rescue boat, raised Rigel, and that he told this story. He said that the rescue boat moved slowly. Passengers fourth lifeboat drifted right under the starboard "Carpathia". They were dangerously close to the ship, but too weak to shout a warning. Perhaps the ship and the boat would not have been noticed if it were not ringing bark of Rigel. His barking attracted the attention of Captain Rostron, who saw the boat and ordered to stop the engine. This is a very sad story, but it is also true that it arose when newspapers offer money to people for good stories about the "Titanic".
Alas, William Murdoch, the first officer did not have a dog and Jonas Briggs did not even appear in the list of team "Karpaty".Nevertheless, about Rigel had written a book "The Legend of Rigel: dog-hero with" Titanic ".
King Charles Spaniel: William Ernest Carter
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Mr.Jacob Astors con Kitty AiredaleTerrier
Kitty AiredaleTerrier
Mrs. Hunloke with Kou Kou Wingerworth
Mr.Jacob Astors con Kitty AiredaleTerrier
Harper Lane Sun Yat Sen
Mrs. Hugh Andrews Sih Gerza-Lo Lo-Chun Chu
Mrs. Becher with Howbury Ming
Mrs DK Wright con Gunterstone Pu Wen

Miss Ashton Cross with Choo-Tai
Mrs. Herbert Mai Mai and Yen Chu
Mrs. Colley & Co-Tzu

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