Friday, May 1, 2009

Proper cutting of your cat or dog's nails.

Proper cutting of your cat or dog's nails.

Proper cutting of your cat or dog's nails.Trimming you dog or cat's nails doesn't have to be as frightening as you may think. Most dogs and cats don't like people to mess with their paws, but with a little patience and lots of praise and persistance, you can accomplish this task very easily! It's best to start trimming your pet's nails when they are young, but if this isn't possible, start out slow and steady! You don't have to get all of your pet's nails trimmed in one sitting. Once your dog or cat get's used to the idea of getting their nails trimmed, it will become easier for them and you. As we all have learned, cats and dogs have what's called the quick and it can easily be seen on pets that have white nails. However there are many pets that have black nails which makes it more difficult to find the quick. The best way to start trimming the black nails is to take off just a little at a time. With the right kind of clippers and pet nail files, you will be able to cut your pet's nails without hurting them. Sharp, high quality nail clippers is the key!

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