Friday, May 1, 2009

Importance of checking and cleaning your pet's ears.

Checking and cleaning your dog's or cat's ears is very important to their overall health. Prevention of ear wax buildup and mites in their ears can mean the difference between a very happy healthy pet or expensive trips to the vet. When checking your dog or cat's ears, make sure they are calm and in a quiet environment. Most pets don't like their ears messed with. Look for wax buildup, any kind of discharge, and a brownish substance which may indicate your pet has ear mites. There are several good products that can be used safely on your pet's ears whether you have a cat or dog (or both). Powders are great for keeping your pet's ears dry which will inhibite the growth of bacteria and will keep mites out of the ear. Liquid cleaners will remove excess ear wax and dirt. Combined they will help you keep your pet's ears clean and healthy. We have several different types of products to help you to keep your dog or cat's ears dry, healthy, and clean and odor free.

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