Friday, May 1, 2009

Tips To Keep Your Dog Happy

Helpful Dog Care Tips To Keep Your Dog Happy


Taking care of your dog is more than a matter of feeding , bathing and taking them to the Vet if they get sick.

New dog owners often need some dog care tips to help keep their pooch happy and healthy. After all, nothing is too good for man's/woman's best friend.

Apart from the basic needs that dogs demand for their proper growth, other dog care tips that active dog owners recommend include training, exercise and grooming. Just as people need to exercise to be keep fit, dogs need daily activity to be the best dog they can be.

Training and Exercise : Improving The Quality Of A Dog's Life

Exercise and training go hand in hand. We not only improve their physical and mental alertness but we also get to spend and enjoy our time with them. For working dogs, it's even more important in order for them to perform well in their work.

With the proper amount of exercise, the muscles, joints and tendons of our dogs become less vulnerable to injuries or discomfort. By stretching or massaging our dogs, muscle-related problems can be prevented, allowing the dog to retain its agility into old age. Above all, by gentle stretching and aerobic activity, one can improve the quality of the dog's life. He wants to spend time with you and please you. What better way than by keeping fit.

Grooming Tips

Proper regular grooming provides an opportunity to keep an eye on your dog's health. Dog care tips related to grooming includes monitoring your dog's coat at regular intervals, proper teeth cleaning and keeping their paws clean and their nails trimmed. If you are not confident in what you are doing, always seek the advice of a Vet or dog grooming specialist.

A dog's coat must be smooth and silky. However, the texture of their coats may differ from season to season so it is always important to keep a good eye on it to prevent possible skin problems and other ailments.

Among the many dog care tips that are offered, keeping our dog's teeth clean is one thing that dog owners should not forget. Take your dogs to the vet for proper maintenance of its dental health. Giving your dog a regular bone can assist in dental health, but for a good clean, have it done professionally.

Finally, see to it that your dog's paws are clean. See to it that her paws are free of any dangerous foreign objects that could have been stuck while they were playing around.

The Proper Dog Diet

Just like us humans, dogs should also be fed the proper diet to maintain optimal health. Giving them natural dog food as well as nutritionally sound kibble is one way to keep the Vet away.

Caring for your dog should be enjoyable for both of you. Take a dog training course together and learn all there is to know about your loyal companion. A few dog care tips can make all the difference in his and your quality of life!

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