Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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This unidentified animal was hit by a car and killed in DeWitt County. What it actually is may have be determined by DNA tests to be run at Texas A&M.

With a fearsome grin fit for a movie monster, this viperfish is a real-life predator that lurks in one of the world’s most remote locations.

An international team of 31 researchers found this and other strange animals while exploring the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, an underwater mountain range that runs from Iceland to the Azores islands west of Portugal

The animal is a ZEEDONK, or a Zonk. We believe her mother was a zebra and her daddy a donkey; but of course, it is possible that we have that in reverse.

Toad with Lizard Tail. This toad with a 16-inch lizard-like tail was caught in Kampung Bekoh, Malaysia.

As if that’s not enough, another weird animal was captured in Malaysia: a two-tailed lizard:

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