Monday, November 24, 2014


Apparently, these animals did not doubt in his coolness and his authority. Just look at their appearance. These guys are confident in yourself one hundred percent!
4809770_f13 (525x700, 79Kb)
^ 0 (550x550, 172Kb)

f0-1 (525x700, 216Kb)

f0-3 (525x700, 174Kb)

F1 (700x437, 212Kb)

F2 (700x507, 197Kb)

F3 (700x525, 321Kb)

F4 (700x700, 379Kb)

F5 (673x700, 269Kb)

Feeder # 6 (700x393, 195Kb)

F7 (700x511, 287Kb)

F8 (700x470, 239Kb)

F9 (700x525, 196Kb)

F10 (700x444, 158Kb)

f11 (700x700, 446Kb)

F12 (700x465, 278Kb)

f14 (700x524, 159Kb)

F15 (700x425, 168Kb)

f15-1 (700x577, 242Kb)

f15-2 (700x553, 299Kb)

f17 (700x465, 138Kb)

F18 (700x466, 170Kb)

F19 (700x525, 240Kb)

f19-1 (700x469, 203Kb)

F20 (700x525, 180Kb)

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