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We all know that dogs are not only the most loyal creatures living around us, but also the most intelligent animals on the planet. Researchers have found out what breed of our four-legged friends have a particular intellect. Here are a dozen of the most ...

1. Australian Cattle

Australian_Cattle_Dog_Naava (700x510, 89Kb)
Dog - "shepherd" should be on pasture for cattle, has amazing intellectual ability, creativity, increased attentiveness, loyally protects the owner and his property. Very powerful and moving, very active dogs who love all things new.There are cases when these dogs are even put toys in place, to play with them.

2. Rottweiler

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Rottweiler bred in Germany, in order for us to have a good companion. They are kept mainly for protection, and some Rottweilers' serve in the police force. " They are known for their stoicism, courage, fidelity and sharp perception of the owner.

3. Papillon

1206383467_dogs14 (700x560, 30Kb)

 This "cute" dog-eared butterflies are much smarter, tougher and stronger than you think. This breed even characterize as "a big dog in a small body." They have tremendous endurance. Papillon good companion and guardian, - he fiercely protects what belongs to him. Dogs otichno trained, they can even be taught to throw out the garbage - so that men can relax ...
. 4. Labrador

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Labrador, or Lab affectionately known intellectual abilities, patience, affection to their owners, nobility. These dogs love to play with kids, they are even used to save lives, they help the police, are perfect allowed. It happens that Labradors, watching his master may copy it

5. Scottish Shepherd
ph_0Y4c5TWj8Pr_09092012 (700x488, 133Kb)

 Another of the herding breeds - Shetland Sheepdog, or simply Shetli. Perfect security guard, even if living in the home. They are very diligent, quickly learn new commands and always loyal to family members
6. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman_Pinscher-HD (700x525, 60Kb)
Thanks to the excellent endurance and innate fearlessness, Doberman - the most popular guard dog. Smart, confident, easily amenable to taming perfectly obey the host. Because of its police and military service, Dobermans have a reputation of being very threatening dogs, but they can be kind and even sweet. Very popular because of their devotion to the owners and beautiful appearance. 7. Golden Retriever

PICT1109 (700x525, 80Kb)

 Also popular breed, famous for their mental abilities. Store up to 200 sorts of commands, so simply irreplaceable for human and home, and at work. Cute, loyal, patient, retrievers are always happy to serve, adoring learn everything new.

8. German Shepherd

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 This breed and output as intelligent dog. Smart, loyal, brave, Shepherd is very dependent on companions. She listens to the team almost from the first. Also love to learn new things. These dogs are used and as shepherds, they may be security guards and police, rescues and detective dogs. They even use military-skydivers jumping.
9. Poodle

wall_919_large (700x525, 119Kb)
Poodles are very loyal, easily trained, having a sharp mind. By poodles are treated as decorative dogs, making them special haircuts, decorating. But these dogs are well guarded by the host, great swim and hunt, obedient, easily taming. Another poodle love creative play, so they are often used in circuses. . If you leave a poodle, it will get bored and look for entertainment.

10. Border Collie

ve411e (700x530, 139Kb)

 Border Collie breed is considered the smartest. Due to the high level of energy and a unique mental abilities, dogs must have employment and a certain goal. Leaving a dog in an apartment provided by yourself, you can find your home in complete disarray. Border Collie a wonderful companion dog. But this breed feel much better near full strength, energetic people - they will take part in the games, love to be active.

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