Friday, May 1, 2009

Bathing your dog or puppy

Dogs should be bathed when they look dirty and/or have a strong doggy odor. If your dog or puppy has matts, they should be removed by combing or clipping before bathing as matts seem to get a lot worse after getting wet. Puppies or small dogs can be bathed in sinks and tubs while large breeds may require bathtubs. (After bathing your dog, be sure to scrub and disinfect the area prior to human use.) If the weather is warm, a child’s wading pool and garden hose may be used. Have your dog’s shampoo or soap, brush and comb and towels nearby before you begin. Place the dog in the tub and soak the dog through to the skin. Use a shampoo that is pH balanced for dogs. If your dog has a special skin problem, ask your veterinarian to recommend a shampoo. When starting the bath, be sure to start at the neck by lathering all around it. This will prevent any fleas from running to their face or ears. I personally use a wash cloth to wash their little faces because it’s easier and my dog loves it! I shampoo twice ( the first shampoo to loosen dirt and the second shampoo to remove it), each followed by a thorough rinsing with warm water, not hot water, should be sufficient to get your dog clean. I also like to use a conditioner to make their coat soft and sweet smelling and it helps prevent matts. Be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner made especially for dogs otherwise you may cause undue skin irritation and dryness.

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