Friday, June 5, 2009

How to Choose the Right Pet For You

A lot of people have a good
idea of what kind of pet they want. However, most of them tend to oversee the
time and the level of care their choice of animal requires. Choosing which pet
perfectly fits you and your lifestyle may seem easy. But you also have to look
at their maintenance requirements and make the right decision from there.

Certain animals require more
attention than others. For starters, your dogs need twice as more things as
cats. The sensitivity of dogs is something you should be prepared for. Some of
them would go out of their way and tear your whole house down just so they can get
the attention they need. Try to leave your dog unattended for a whole day. If
it isn’t trained well, you would surely go back to a messy, torn, and tattered
house. Dogs become bored even if you give it toys or another dog for a
companion. These pets need human interaction above anything else. This means
that you need to take your dog out for a leisure walk every day, probably after
work. Dogs need their play and exercise time to live happily.

Cats are a different case
though. These animals can be left on their own. Just keep all the breakables
inside a locked shelf and you should be good. Else, you might find them missing
or shattered after a leaving your pet for a while. To take care of a cat, the
only thing you have to do is to keep your house clean. This way, they wouldn’t
create too much of a ruckus. Instead, they’ll go to their corner and sleep. Or
they’ll look outside the windows, amuse themselves with a toy, or just sit back
and relax by themselves. But then again, if you still think that cats are a
problem, then the best pet for you would be fish. You don’t have to maintain
these animals much. Just clean the tank regularly and feed them daily and they
would be happy.

The bottom line is, no matter
what type of pet you get, you have to provide a certain level of care. All pets
need love and attention from their masters or owners. As for the others, they
would need training and positive reinforcement too. Fish may not need the
latter much. But just the same, you are required to provide them all they need
to survive. When choosing a pet, be sure that you consider all of these things
to come face-to-face with the one that is perfect for you.

To sum it all up, dogs are high
maintenance pets which also need training. But once you have taken care of all
of that, they are become the best companions you can ever have. Dogs can do a
lot of things like alert you of imminent danger, tell you that someone is at the
door, or simply love you twice as much in return. In exchange, it only needs
some of your time and attention.

Cats are usually low
maintenance pets, although some cat breeds aren’t. Some breeds clamor for people’s
while others detest it. Cats would like to be alone most of the time. So if
you’re not thinking of adding any more pets to your household , this animal is
the best one for you.

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