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In our world, millions of animals are struggling to survive by killing each other. They do so only because they need food to survive in difficult conditions, agree that it is a legitimate natural instincts. Sometimes skirmishes end not murder, and escape of one of the opponents of that, however, has little effect on the spectacular fights ...
We present you a selection of a dozen spectacular duels large fauna.
10 of the most impressive wildlife clashes

10 of the most impressive wildlife clashes
Bear vs. Tiger.
For Ursa Maggie it was a normal day, she was resting beside a pond in Ranthambore tiger reserve in Rajasthan, India.And then came the tiger. Naturally, Maggie did not expect, but quickly came to her senses, and, so to speak, drove a big cat in the neck. In fact, the mother bear protecting her cubs. That's really what is called a mother's love!
10 of the most impressive wildlife clashes
Lioness lionesses against.
Epic fight the big cats in the Masai Mara Reserve. Why is there a fight - is unclear, perhaps, one of the lionesses made ​​careless remark girlfriend that her neck rose two gray hairs.
10 of the most impressive wildlife clashes
Eagle against the fox.
Imagine that you are - the proud eagle Enjoy this feast in the form of dead animals. And then some brazen fox decided to join you. What to do? Of course, to show who's boss woods. For example, try to teach him a lesson in the first flight, grabbing his hind legs and lifted into the air. Judging by the look of the muzzle fox in his head flashed something like: "Damn, it was not necessary to communicate."
10 of the most impressive wildlife clashes
Zebra against a zebra.
So think zebra - striped harmless horses peacefully grazing in the African savannah, and then, bam! You see here is a photo here and you realize that it is not. Yes, you just look at them! There just is nothing cute and funny. Clean, undisguised anger and blood lust in his eyes. These fights without rules.
10 of the most impressive wildlife clashes
Zebra against a lion.
This photo was taken in the same place as the previous one - in Ngorongoro, Tanzania. Perhaps this zebra - the winner from the previous picture? Why not? This is not just a zebra, it Karate Kid any.
10 of the most impressive wildlife clashes
Wolf against the bear.
The wolf tries to nip off a piece of deer carcasses, which was just about to eat a bear. However, the bear did not seem to want to share.
10 of the most impressive wildlife clashes
Crocodile against hippos.
Hippo is probably the most mysterious animal in the world. Looks awkward and even funny, but really - this is a real killing machine. Apparently, the crocodile did not know. The poor man is stuck in a flood basin hippos and just wanted to escape, to any person not simply sat on it in the water. Not a bit of it!
10 of the most impressive wildlife clashes
Hippo against lionesses.
This poor man walked away from an overweight body of water is too far away, and he was immediately surrounded by a lioness. Looks like he did not come to the area of savanna.
10 of the most impressive wildlife clashes
Elephant against a crocodile.
Once in Zambia photographer Martin Nayfeler decided to capture the mother elephant, but eventually captured much more: a real motherly love. When this wicked crocodile tried to attack a baby elephant, mother to intervene. Crocodile jaws batted her trunk, and mother decided to pull him away from his son and water. As a result, toothy reptiles had to retreat, and the mother with the baby left intact and nearly intact.
10 of the most impressive wildlife clashes
Lions, buffaloes and crocodiles.
So in conclusion, great photo zelischnogo confrontation in the vast African. Looking at this photo, you can assume that this is some cleverly concocted directorial staging. A pair of lions chasing buffalo, aims at young. Then, when the opposition is moving in the water, there suddenly appeared two crocodiles, and begins the moment the tug of war, but instead of a rope, you guessed it, Buffalo. Lions won, and when they were ready to enjoy the prey flock back for their brethren and literally repulsed his lions. That's really a real happy ending! For buffalo.

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