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Dogs of this breed are large, hairy and very brave. Among the ancestors of this breed have a St. Bernard,
therefore Leonberger combines not only the strength and courage, but also the amazing kindness and
calm, even temper. They can be excellent guardian, and a great companion.

Terrier dandy 

Many people believe Terriers pretty vicious dogs. But this can not be said about the small
terrier dandy - is extremely good-natured and cheerful animal. Originally this dog
ancient rocks were used as hunting, and for hunting burrowing animals. Therefore, so
since these dogs retain remarkable courage rushing, strength and mobility.
The representatives of this breed are capable of the most devoted friendship, as his master,
and with all the family members, but to strangers they are wary.

Cane Corso.  

These huge, beautiful dogs are descended from more ancient Roman war dogs who spoke
bloody Roman circus. These dogs are extremely hardy and intelligent, and that is very important for such
huge and powerful animal (weight of the adult male can reach 50 kg) - they understand
the difference between the game and attack, so, despite the monstrous jaws during game ever
do not cause even minor injury. But like any powerful animal, this dog
requires special education and discipline.
Icelandic Sheepdog 

Iceland loved this dog so that she even devoted a series of postage stamps.
However, the number of dogs belonging to this breed, just not so great.
Icelandic Sheepdog playful, friendly and very cute to look at.
According to the AKC, this breed belongs to one of the oldest.

Xoloitzcuintle belongs to the oldest breeds in the world. Moreover, in the formation of
This breed of people did not participate - all made by nature itself. There is
two varieties of the breed: Xoloitzcuintle naked and covered with short hair.
In Mexico Xoloitzcuintle considered a national treasure. In the Book of Records
Guinness Xoloitzcuintle belong entire two records: first, it is the most
ancient breed dogs from all known, and secondly, they have the highest
the body temperature of all mammals.
Brussels Griffon 

Those small, smart and funny dogs amazingly expressive little face.
The richness of facial expressions they just compete with a man. Wits and
strong constitution allow these dogs learn quickly and
perform complex circus tricks.

thick, long hair these big dogs makes them seem even more, giving them
quite frightening appearance. But in fact, these Hungarian sheepdogs cast calm
and good-natured character. One of its distinguishing features is the extraordinary love
to children, they can even leave with the kids as a caring and dedicated nurse.
Surprisingly, these huge animals (male weight up to 60 kg)
can be satisfied with only 1 kg of feed per day.

Affenpinscher (simian terrier) got its name for a funny face and cheerful,
mischievous nature. These miniature dogs zhestkosherstye surprisingly clever,
brave and very loyal to their owners. To strangers they distrust.
Petit Basset Griffon 

This stunted breed was once bred to help hunt rabbits.
Very strong and brave dog.

Vyzhla - a great hunting dog. Has a calm, friendly disposition, and rarely
even shows aggression toward strangers. Very smart and easily trained. Vyzhla -
extremely mobile dog and practically sitting on the ground. To this dog was
well, it should be possible to daily exercise.

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