Thursday, January 15, 2015


Who could have imagined that the chicken could be so beautiful? And the thing is that the green dzhunglevaya chicken (lat. Gallus varius) - the closest relative of the pheasant, in this lies the secret of her bright, colorful attire.
1. Green dzhunglevaya chicken loves the heat and humidity, so it can be found on the banks of ponds and in the rainforest islands of Komodo, Lombok, Bali and Java. In some mysterious way, these birds have disappeared from the western part of the island of Java, but appeared on the small adjacent islands of the Indonesian archipelago. Here she settles in the deep sea caves and mangroves.
2. Green dzhunglevaya chicken - an unusual bird and eats it also is not quite familiar bird food. The basis of its diet is the so-called sand fleas, small crabs, marine insects and even jellyfish. Sometimes dzhunglevaya chicken can eat cactus or starfish.
3. Unlike most members of the family of chicken, green chicken dzhunglevaya feels confident not only on land but also in the air and can fly quite long distances over open water. In these places very strong winds are blowing, and it remains a mystery how dzhunglevym chickens manages not to break the sharp ridges of the coastal cliffs.
4. During low tide dzhunglevye chicken gather in small groups and come ashore to harvest fallen into the trap of marine life thrown tide.Each group was accompanied by a dominant male, who is responsible for the safety of his family.

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