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A dog - man's best friend, but it turns out to friends and have fashion ... 
In the 60s of the last century's most popular dogs in the city was the lapdog. Then he took the palm German Shepherd. After the movie "Lassie" was the favorite breed collie. In the 80th - 90th at the majority of "dog lovers" were spaniels, Airedales and spotted dogs ... 
Now every second greeted Dog - Yorkshire Terrier. 
Fashion - fashion, but what are the breeds of dogs are suitable for living in a city apartment? So that the apartment was not close to the dog that it is not missed in the absence of hosts? 
For some breeds of dogs living in a city apartment easy and carefree, for others - is unbearable. Dog breeds suitable for living in a city apartment 1. Pug - with their weight (from 4.5 to 11 kg), fits well with the dimensions of a city apartment. Small, compact and short hair, making it easier to care for. While the master at work, the pug will be happy to sleep in a warm place. 2. Schipperke - a small and active dog, its weight does not exceed 8 kg. Do not forget that the Schipperke needs active walks. 3. Schnauzer - Schnauzer dwarfs and wonderful pets. Dogs of these breeds need daily exercise and grooming. Very sociable. 4. Scottish terrier - working dog from Scotland, weighing about 6-9 kg. Clever and agile, active walking needs. 5. Yorkshire Terrier - tiny dog (4.5 kg) with a heart of a lion.Loves to spend the day lying on cushions or sofa. 6. Cocker Spaniel - a popular breed with semi-long hair and sad eyes. Needs regular exercise. Staying home alone, usually sleeps. 7. Welsh Corgi-Pembroke - quite a popular breed of dog weighing up to 12 kg. This stocky shorthair dog requires active daily walks. 8. West Highland Terrier WHITE - this small terrier is playful and attractive, but for good health he needs exercise. It takes up little space in the apartment, but requires regular care of his snow-white hair. 9. IG - thumbnail Greyhound (Greyhound English), weighing about 4.5 kg. Italian Greyhound quick and smart, loves to play and run, but the possibility of having fun lying on the couch. 10.Lhasa Apso - small inhabitants of Tibet, as if born to a city apartment. Weight apso about 6 kg. For busy people, this breed is not suitable, because need regular care of long hair Apso. 11. MINIATURE POODLE - excellent homemade dog.Loves attention and loves to host active walk. 12. Bichon Frise - tangle of down, weighing 7-9 kg. Devoted and obedient - will be a great addition to any home. Wool Bichon requires regular maintenance. 13. Boxer - haired dog of medium size. Suitable for those who are involved in sports. 14. Boston Terrier - small black and white terrier who loves attention. Obedient and tolerant, has proven itself as a dog-watch. Staying home alone, he prefers to sleep. 15. Taxi - long and short-legged dachshund easily fit in the apartment. Very fond of walking, can sometimes be aggressive to cats and other small animals, as originally breed conclusions for work in a hole. . 16 ENGLISH BULLDOG - sweet but strong snore during sleep. Well uzhivetsya with those who have a deep sleep ... 17. Cairn Terrier - despite his small stature, quite sociable and takes up little space in the apartment. Require daily exercise. 18. CHIHUAHUA - the smallest breed of dog in the world. It just does not take much space, but at the same time it is loyal and brave dog who will work call. 19. Pomeranian - tiny fox weighing about two pounds. Very fond of human communication. 20.Maltese - pretty popular long-haired breed. During the snowy coat requires daily care. Obedient, loves comfort. On this Site

c1 (600x400, 340Kb)

s2 (492x369, 174Kb)

c3 (300x450, 81Kb)

c4 (600x400, 198Kb)

C5 (600x400, 195Kb)

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c7 (380x534, 177Kb)

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C9 (600x450, 306Kb)

C10 (434x337, 157Kb)

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C13 (495x329, 181Kb)

C14 (600x400, 180Kb)

C15 (260x173, 45Kb)

C16 (600x400, 198Kb)

C17 (455x326, 334Kb)

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C19 (600x402, 259Kb) 

C20 (250x246, 47Kb) 

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