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Akita Inu - dog breed
Akita Inu - large breed dogs of the Spitz group, famous for its rich and unique history. She is one of the oldest breeds of dogs - according to the results of archaeological research, such Spitz-like dog existed in the II millennium. BC. e.
Akita Inu - only Japanese breed, awarded the honor of wearing the status of a natural monument. The Japanese consider it a national treasure and is called "cokrovischem Japan."
1 Akita Inu - breed dog Hachiko (700x525, 187Kb)
Dogs Akita Inu, and a variety of subjects, depicting them in Japan symbolize prosperity, good health and a happy family life.
Figurines Japanese Akita give the appearance of a newborn in the house. According to legend, these gifts bring prosperity and good in the house, and happiness, health and longevity of the household. Image of Japanese Akita decided to send the patient as a wish for a speedy recovery.
2 Akita Inu - breed dog Hachiko (700x465, 178Kb)
The Japanese believe that the best way Akitas can be characterized by just a couple of words - "innate valor." Dogs of this breed fully justify this characteristic, being unsurpassed hunters excellent guards and loyal friends of man.
3 Akita Inu - breed dog Hachiko (700x466, 114Kb)
The first written mention of the representatives of this breed date back to the beginning of the XVII century.Scientists still can not specify the exact place of origin of the breed, but from where it had not occurred, the geographical location of its development is recognized Akita Prefecture, in northern Japan.
4-Akita Inu - breed dog Hachiko (700x467, 270Kb)
This mountainous terrain is fairly harsh climate, with snow and cold winters. In such difficult conditions indispensable helpers become domesticated wild dogs, which locals call "Matagi Inu", which translates as "dog-hunter."
These hardy, courageous and very strong animals were used for hunting big game, antelope, deer, boar, bear. Two of these dogs were able to hold the captured bear, whose weight can reach 400 kg, before the arrival of the hunter. At night, they serve as an excellent guards human settlements.
Akita Inu - owners of great vision and smell. There is information that they were even able to drive in fishing nets fish.Also, it is often used as a herding dog that guarded the great herd from predators.
10 Akita Inu - breed dog Hachiko (700x464, 498Kb)
Later Japanese Akitas have become even more popular - they began to be used for protection of rice crops, which at that time had already become a staple food, as well as for catching rats and mice, the damage to crops. Then the dog began to move to other regions and get the names of settlements, where they found refuge. So Matagi Inu turned into Kazuno Inu, Odat Inu Inu and Nambu.
5-Akita Inu - breed dog Hachiko (700x466, 242Kb)

6-Akita Inu - breed dog Hachiko (700x466, 268Kb)

10 Akita Inu - breed dog Hachiko (609x640, 268Kb)

12 Akita Inu - breed dog Hachiko (700x468, 192Kb)

16 Akita Inu - breed dog Hachiko (640x480, 237Kb)

18 Akita Inu - breed dog Hachiko (700x463, 327Kb)

22 Akita Inu - breed dog Hachiko (524x700, 226Kb)

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